We believe

there’s too much passionless, disposable in the world.


Blok represents sustainable authenticity, collectibility, knowledge, independence, confidence, and fun.

We know we must protect the magic of dirt.

In an increasingly digital world, Blok is proudly analogue. We exist to champion the balance of metaverse fluency and real world wheelie-popping. Our unique time management system allows kids to understand and harness the rarest and most universal commodity of all... time.


We are parents, overgrown kids, watch obsessives, doers, exploration - addicted. We’re all of these things, and more, enthusiastically, unapologetically, and all-at-once.

We’re parents who haven’t lost our curiosity. We’re an independent watch brand that gets it. We’ve designed a stylish, analogue watch with a real-deal, Swiss-made heart. Credible with our friends in haute horology, yet self-evidently cool to our magnificently inquisitive, adventurous kids. The Blok 33 educates, engages, and inspires.


We had a question.

Why aren’t there any REAL (read: stylish, Swiss-made, durable, analog) watches designed specifically for kids?

We thought we knew a lot of things, but we didn’t know this. Naturally, we got straight to work. What did we make? Well, we answered our question... Blok!


Frank LLoyd Wright said that design is how we communicate who we are and what we want to be. Without being too grand about it, Blok is our team’s response to Mr. Wright’s statement.

We’re Blok and we take kids and fun seriously because we’re hopeful for a stimulating, sustainable, and inspiring future.