Blok User Guides

How do I set the time on my Blok watch ?

Blok watches can be set the usual way using the crown on the left hand side of the watch. (Factoid - It’s on that side so it doesn’t get in the way of small wrists)

1. Unscrew the crown by rotating it anticlockwise until you feel it spinning freely
2. Once the crown is fully unscrewed gently pull it away from the watch until you here a click - this will stop the second hand and allow you to adjust the time.
3. Turn the crown clockwise until the desired time has been reached
4. Press the crown back in towards the watch, you should here another click and the second hand will start ticking again - you’re not finished though.
5. The most important part! Screw the crown clockwise back into the case until it’s a snug tight fit, this means it’s fully sealed and back up to dive grade water resistance.

How do I change the band on my Blok watch ?

It’s super simple, no tools required -

1. Holding the watch head in one hand and band by the buckle in the other pull the strap upwards.
2. The band will loop out through the two watch case lugs in one smooth motion
3. To fit the band back in after cleaning or fitting a brand new band, simply thread the tip of the band starting at the top of the watch through the top lug and then through the bottom one.
4. To get into the right position pull the band through almost all the way to the buckle until the arrows on the back of the watch band sit neatly between the two watch lugs

How do I use the timing bezel on my Blok 33 watch ?

The fun bit.....

1. Pick a segment of minutes you wish to time with your Blok watch, 5, 10, 15 or 30 minutes - we’ll pick 15 in this example
2. Spot where the minute hand is and click the watch bezel around until the 15 minute number is lined up with the tip of the minute hand.
3. The minute hand will slowly make it’s way through the 15 minute block, when it reaches the end of the block it means 15 minutes is over !